The Songwriter's Challenge - Creating New Music While Maintaining an Effective Web Presence

The Songwriter's Challenge - Creating New Music While Maintaining an Effective Web Presence

The Songwriter's Challenge - Creating New Music While Maintaining an Effective Web Presence
By Durwood L Walker

Dream Based On Old Music Industry

When I began writing songs some thirty years ago, my dream was to get just one of those songs signed to a major label or artist. That was the objective for most of us because that was the way the system operated then. Was I successful? No, that didn't happen for me.

Dream Based On New Music Industry

In today's music industry environment, where the independent artist/musician is in far more control of his or her destiny, signing with a big record label has less importance. In fact, many of us no longer even entertain that idea.

Theoretically, the internet has made the playing field much more level. Still, that is not to say it is easy to be successful. Far from it! The technology that spawned the change in approach also opened the door for many more artists to attempt to enter.

Internet Marketing Wake Up Call

When setting up my first website with a company called Site Build It (SBI), I was totally unaware of all the nuts and bolts that are part of establishing and maintaining a viable website.

Thinking a panda was a bear and a penguin was a flightless bird living largely at the Poles, I knew of Google only as a search engine. I had no idea of their role in keeping a site running smoothly and how not satisfying their requirements can make your site of little value, if any.

I was aware that a musician or songwriter should not set up a Flash based site if he or she expected it to succeed. That was a vital piece of information. Still, I was not as prepared as I thought.

Juggling Between Creating and Maintaining Site

We all do things differently. While some songwriters, or any other creative individual, might be able to sit down at any time and deliver the goods, others have to wait for just the right moment. I happen to be part of the latter group.

So, I continue to find myself struggling to come up with new music while keeping the website at peak performance. This, coupled with staying abreast of the constantly changing requirements of the web, is a balancing act.

Message To The New Aspiring Songwriter

If you are a songwriter/artist about to begin a web presence for the first time, my advice is to thoroughly research the components that go into creating and maintaining an effective music website. Do this before the fact. Learn as much as you can about how to approach this task. It will save you much time and frustration in the long haul.

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